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LocationUnited Kingdom

Alecto were motorcycles produced from 1919 to 1925 by Whitmee Engineering of Balham, London.

They had their own 295cc and 345cc two-stroke deflector-type three-port engines with a Juckes two-speed gearbox and belt drive to the rear wheel.

In 1920 the Juckes gearbox was replaced by a Burman one.

The original proprietors failed and  in 1921 so production was interrupted. Whitmee Engineering resumed production from the same premises and a better version of the model appeared. This was listed in complete sidecar form. Both versions were given the option of all-chain drive as oppose to the belt drive used until then.

An all-electric model was produced in 1923. This had CAV dynamo lighting as part of its specification.

An all-chain 345cc model was made between 1923 and 1924. It had a 76mm bore and a 76mm stroke.